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Advanced production technology and equipment, quality control capabilities, and good after-sales service,

provide a large number of high-quality products for domestic and foreign customers

lead the industry

Seiko quality

Professional processing

Serious  efficient

Advanced production equipment and good after-sales service

Perfect ISO9001, 14001 management system

Copier, printer roller, car on-board Electronics and other precision metal parts

Serious, sincere, efficient and good service For every custome

Service hotline:


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Medium-scale production capacity, advanced production equipment and technology, perfect quality

management system and advanced detection methods, and good after-sales service

Production process

Advanced production technology and sophisticated processing equipment

He has accumulated nearly 20 years of metal processing experience and mature professional product production technology in this industry; he has various advanced processing and testing equipments in the industry.

The factory covers an area of 12,000 square meters and employs ~ 300 people. More than 200 sets of various processing equipment and more than 20 sets of testing equipment. It has production capacity of iron shaft core-2 million PCS / month, aluminum shaft core-1.5 million PCS / month, and other small hardware-8 million PCS / month.

Scale advantage

Manufacturer of precision hardware and electronic parts integrating R & D, production and sales

Quality control ability

Established a complete and effective quality management system and passed ISO-9001 2015, ISO14000 2015 system certification; after more than ten years of cooperation and training with Fortune 500 companies; the product's good quality reputation has been widely recognized.

Complete variety and everything, can meet various needs

Professional solutions

Strong team of engineers, professional, worry-free and fast

It has an engineering technology research and development center and a technical team composed of a group of highly qualified and experienced personnel. Provide technical support for product development, process formulation, and quality assurance; especially for complex, technically difficult products, and low-cost product production, special research and development, professional custom processing technology research.


Zhenji Precision Hardware & Electronic Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2000. It is a manufacturer of hardware and electronic parts integrating R & D, production and sales. The Chinese factory has a practical area of 12,000 square meters and a staff of about 300 people; the Vietnamese factory has a practical area of 3800 square meters and a staff of about 50 people;


Factory practical area of 15,800

square meters




Have a variety of advanced equipment

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Follow the latest industry trends in real time, and catch up on new information earlier

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